Sunday, August 26, 2007

Golden Triangle at Carrie D's house party!


We played at Carrie D's house party last night. The theme was that you had to dress as your animal spirit. I was gonna be a glow worm,but I couldn't get it together in time, so I dressed as a Pterodactyl but people kept mistaking me for Batman. When I was walking home from dropping off equipment, people kept stopping me to take pictures, or ask for directions, or just comment on my crime-fighting- I actually jogged the whole way home so my cape would flap in the wind because it seemed more heroic looking. Theme Party dressed as a skunk, I think. Cammy was a velociraptor, Reggie Recess was some kind of bird, and Sodapop was a monkey. TraLaLa , I had no idea what she was. Jonathan dj'ed all animal-related songs. I didn't know there was so many dances named after animals. I gotta make up a new move so I can name it the penguin. One random thing about the night was that the singer Alex from Franz Ferdinand was at the party... what the heck was he doing in Greenpoint? I don't know how he got there but that's cool. He couldn't hear what the heck we were singing through the shitty PA, but he still said it was a fun show. He told me they have lots of warehouse kind of parties out in Glasgow where we can play, so that's aight with me.

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