Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Labor Day weekend

This weekend we were pretty busy even though we had no shows for the first time in weeks. Friday our manager/PhotoShop expert, Jonathan Toubin had his semi-regular party "Ants in Yer Pants" at Savalas and he had Nick Zinner as a guest DJ, and me and Reggie Recess basically drank free all night. Theme Party and Cammy came by later after they had attended that Rahdunes/Numbers/MikaMiko show to catch their friends play. I had a lengthy discussion with Brian about Wu Tang Clan and their relation to the I-Ching, Numerology, the Lone Wolf and Cub Shogun Assassin series plus the benefits of fasting every 3 months. I always thought Brian was a awesome drummer but I never knew he was a cool Zen dude. The next day we all went to PS1 to catch our homies Ex Models play at Oneida's 10 Year Aniversary Party. Raul and Mikki tore shit up on the dance floor as usual. Some yuppie guys formed a dance circle and Mikki went in there and did a back flip and the earthworm on the hard concrete- that bitch is crazy! Then that night we went to Tra La La's house where Ivan Sunshine was having a BBQ. We met up with Todd Fisher who always takes crazy photos of people all over NYC- check out his site. He did a impromptu photo shoot of us on the street. The best part was when all the neighborhood kids yelled out "MYSPACE!!!" and all joined in the photo shoot. Check out the cute little chubby gangsta dude in the middle with a white doo rag, holding up his colors. I also love the one where we're all spitting.

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