Friday, September 14, 2007

Monster Island Block Party/Golden Triangle + Big A little a + High Places + Rahdunes


On September 8th was Monster Island's annual block party. Rachel of Secret Project Robot put it together and Todd P helped with the bands part of it. There was plenty of art put together by the tenants of Monster Island and a bunch of bands. I missed Elicita's band Tiger Streifen but got here in time for Dynasty Electric Duo and Rahdunes in the basement. Dynasty was tearing it up when we rolled up. Right before we started there was a noisy improv set by various people from a bunch of bands- Chris Millstein and Awesome Allison and Kayrock on drums, Awesome Michael on bass, Barry on keys, and another Oneida dude on guitars, Shahin Ex Models also on guitars- it was real cool. Then we went after them. Cammy broke 3 guitar strings before we even started playing our first song, and he had no backup strings- and it wasn't like 3 strings in a row- it was every other string, so it sounded fucked up any which way he tried to play it!! and Tra La La's hands were real sweaty from the hot humid weather, so she didn't feel like playing some songs, and just stopped playing at random times- sometimes she just fell to her knees and banged the shit out of her bass with her high heels in her hand which is cool. Most importantly, Chico, the dog in these pix, finally performed with us. We been trying to sneak him into our shows but dogs are never allowed whenever we play. He loves shows though- he usually likes attending in-stores at Passout Records, one of my favorite record stores here. Anyways he finally got to tear up a box while we played. Tearing up boxes is his specialty. High Places followed us and they were awesome. I finally met them through Rop and they are real nice people those too. Rop re-mixed some of their songs in the past. Then Aa followed them and they brought down the house with their noise. By then it was nighttime. I took a few shitty pictures with my shitty camera, but I know tons of people taking pix that day, so I'll up some proper pix later.

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