Friday, August 24, 2007

Marmaladies in action at Animal Train Party!


In case you didn't know, Theme Party and Reggie Recess- our twins of death singing/tambo combo- moonlight as the famous dancing duo called Marmaladies. The 4th panel down is a picture of them dancing for Kid Congo Powers when he played at the Bastille Day Party thrown by New York Night Train's Jonanthan Toubin- a man about town with many nice outfits and wigs The amazing picture taken by Veronica Ibarra- check out her Myspace for more pix by her. The top 3 pix are from the Animal Train Factory party where the theme obviously was Andy Warhol's Factory. The legendary Genesis P. Orridge, pictured above, dj'ed with Jonathan (as Andy Warhol for the night) on this night. We drove straight from Atlanta to Brooklyn for 13 hours to get to this party and the party was worth it cuz shit got crazy.

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