Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Bloody weekend


Last weekend at the Union Pool show, Tra la la's knee got busted open and I got bit in the neck ruining/bloodeying the sweet skateboard shirt Mike Pare gave me for free. This week our show at the Rubulad party was insane. Reggie Rambler and Theme Party dressed as clowns, Sodapop had a turbin, and Cammy dressed as a Shake N Bake chicken and me, a mummy bat out of hell. Cammy and Sodapop had a whole pot brownie and all you need is a bite to get really wasted- them rubulad browniees are potent. Tra la la had absynthe and we all had bad vodka and whiskey so it added up to us all playing diferent songs the whole time, but i guess it didn't really matter because people get crazy at Rubulad as long as there's noise filling their ear drums .A lot of insanity had a lot to do with crazy Raul and Awesome Color Allison getting everyone riled up too. Our friends Maya Hayuk and Andrew Deitch were frying there brains out and she took photos- i 'll try to acquire those soon. My buddy Zack of Ex Models took a bunch of photos at our show at Rubulad. Sodapop and Cammy each ate a whole pot brownie which are known to be the super most potent brownies in the Eastern seaboard- in fact they were both still super high the next day at 5pm 20 hours later. Mighty Robot AV Squad AKA Eric Z and Brock and Arthur and Zack did some crazy visuals as usual. Awesome Color Allisson and Chris Millstein started up a mosh pit too which was rad. you can see more pix at Zack's Flickr site Later I went downstairs to look for DJ Small Change so I we could get paid when a blonde white guy with dreads started clowning me and blocking my walking path on the dance floor- he chose the wrong guy to mess with on the dance floor. I started dancing my ass off and popping and locking and breaking shit down till that fool walked away. I wasn't gonna lose a battle dance to some hippy from Burning Man. Anyways I finally found dude and we got paid and split! from OJ

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