Sunday, August 19, 2007

Atlanta trip

We just got back from Atlanta. We went there to record with our pal Dave from Carbonas and also see Black Lips /Subsonics at the Clermont Lounge which is a notorious strip club that rarely has shows - let alone 2 of the craziest bands in the ATL, the legendary Subsonics + the Black Lips! We also had a show at the Drunken Unicorn. Jared and Kristen were real nice to let us crash a couple nights at their pad. When we got there Travis was at the house and he let us listen to some recordings that Dave did the night before for the Gaye Blades (Jared's other band when he's not globe trottin' with Black Lips) and the songs sounded awesome - they weren't even mixed yet and it sounded cool! Needless to say, we were looking forward to our recording session with Dave later that night. We at at El Myr and Eats , and had a real fun time in the ATL. the Clermont was a crazy ass show but it was like 120 degress up in there. I even met Webster at Eats- that dude still looks like he's 12 . hell to the yeah. me and reggie battled some local hip hop dudes in a circle at MJQ after we played next door at the Unicorn. we fucked those dudes up. the best coffee we ever had was at Aurora where Tommy works- Tommy is in the Selmanaires which is a good band about to tour so catch em if you can- and I also met Bradford Cox who is the amazing singer from Deerhunter. He's also an amazing artist who designs album art for most of the good bands from ATL

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