Monday, August 20, 2007

Golden Triangle + Black Lips + Turbo Fruits + Coathangers show


These are pix from our show at the Silent Barn show with Black Lips, Turbo Fruits, the Coathangers, and Golden Triangle. They were taken by this crazy dude named Goergia Teel and jonathan and Lord Zurp. There's more rad pix of all the bands from their respective Flickr sites here and here . Allison is rocking out in the audience while Turbo Fruits in playing. The other photo is our homie Derek Awesome Color shredding with Turbo Fruits in a guest cameo appearance. You also see Reggie Recess and TraLaLa in action. Coathangers were pretty cool. They are blowing up right now in ATL and beyond so check those chicks out in a town near you

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