Sunday, September 7, 2008

Live at Secret Project Robot then Santo's Party House/ Golden Triangle+ExModels+Oneida+Vivian Girls, etc.

* This is the end of our set at the Monster Island Block Party- the first video was taken by Margarita Jimeno. My amp broke halfway through the set, and Alix's bass broke right before this song, so you can't see either of us because we are just dancing lost in the crowd at this point. The Monster Island Block Party became an indoor building party due to Hurricane Hannah, but it was still fun times. The second video, at the bottom after all the pictures, was taken by Maya Hayuk. Maya's video may be the first footage ever in the history of video of someone doing a "centipede" on top of a crowd. You see B-boys doing that move all the time on the floor, but never on top of a crowd of people. Doing the centipede on the floor ain't shit. Micki did a zombie ritual and Raul and his blue gang did a performance as well, and all the bands were good- Oneida did a live recording for a Social Registry record; Ex Models slayed in the yoga studio; the internet world is completely freaking out lately over the Vivian Girls who brought their sing-along indie twee pop; K-Holes, Temptations (Rahdunes members), Red Dawn II played 3 sets on a secret stage; and a surprise set by Awesome Color ended the night. 2 days later we played at Santo's Party House with ARE Weapons.

Golden Triangle finale

Maya took this shorty video of us at the Monster Island Block Party. Watch out for the centipede on top of the crowd!!

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