Monday, September 15, 2008

Sept.20 War on Terror 7 Year Anniversary- Golden Triangle+Blank Dogs+Intelligence+Knyfe Hyts+Crystal Stilts+Black Time+StaticStatic+more

* Go to this show on Sept.20 Saturday. There will be a BBQ all day + Glasslands will have their liquor license finally. It will be the Blank Dogs' first show ever, Imaginary Icon's record release party, plus many good bands from out of town and beyond- Intelligence, Static Static, Black Time, Crystal Stilts, and some local hooligans, SSSSpectres, Golden Error, and K Holes, which is Jack and Julie Hines' new band with McNey and 2 Triangles.

In related news Golden Triangle has 2 records and a cassette tape coming out in October so stay tuned and tune in.

----rhr043: GOLDEN TRIANGLE "Prize Fighter" 7'---------------- Pre-order at
Catch us on tour in October with Quintron and Miss Pussycat in December with The King Khan and BBQ Show. [600 pressed; 500 black vinyl, 100 gold vinyl]

side a: prize fighter, red coat
side b: night brigade

-----"Coldest Beer in Town" cassette comp-----Pre-Order at Party Store Music

-----6-song Golden Triangle ep - vinyl only---- get it from us on the road, or in town

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