Saturday, October 27, 2007

Golden Triangle + King Khan and the BBQ Show + Inspector Strawberry Sodapop (Willy Wonka or Screamin' Lord Sutch?)


Last night we played two shows with King Khan and BBQ. I thought our drummer, Inspector Strawberry Sodapop, was dressed as Willy Wonka, but he said he was Screamin' Lord Sutch- you be the judge. The first show was at Montana's Party Space which is a space connected to a Mexican restaurant in the cuts in Bushwick. The PA was cutting out for King Khan and the BBQ Show, but they were still fun as always. After a couple songs, someone in the crowd was yelling something, and Khan bolted into the crowd swinging his guitar. He came back and told everyone he just broke his guitar on someone's face. Someone else said he completely missed, so who knows what really happened in the crowd. There was also some short asshole (shorter than me even) in the front complaining about all the groupie girls- and he kept elbowing all of them- what a dick. He should relax and enjoy all the cute chicks around him. Other than that, everyone in the house was cool, and it was a fun show. Their merch dude, Simon from Germany, was real cool. He knew Sodapop already from Sodapop's extensive touring's in Europe. After this show we had a late set at Don Pedro's, and it was kinda messy with lots of technical difficulties with everything, but whatever, it was still fun- we played 2 whole songs + 2 half songs + 2 quarter songs which adds up to 3 and one half total songs. In the middle of our set, someone in the audience started strangling Tra La La with the microphone cord, when she finally escaped from the cord, she got up and got in a fight with someone in the crowd, and was swinging her bass at someone or a couple people at the end, then got in a tug of war with my bass, then she mysteriously disappeared. She better not break that shit- that's my bass!! It was Bazooka Joe's going away party, and tons of people were there. Tunnel of Love already played, so we were bummed because we all love Tunnel of Love, but the Sonic Chicken 4 from France were real real good, so we're glad we caught them. After us, King Khan played a 4AM secret set. We didn't lose any equipment between the 2 shows except a guitar cord, so that always adds up to a good night. Jake Noodles, singer of the Wellington Ladies Welfare League, was working the door. Behind him was a guy giving out free tattoos all night. So while Jake Noodles was working, he took off his shirt, and got a tattoo on his back of the logo from his favorite pizza joint in Queens. I like smart young kids. That's way better than getting stuck with a Tazmanian Devil with Doc Marten's tat, or a Gecko lizard on your ankle. Back inna day, sometime in the mid 90's, my friend (who I will not name) got a tat of that Jamiroquai logo- you know that silouette of a kid with a big horned hat... man, I bet she's hatin' life right now. The only musical logo tat that you can get as a young teenager, that I can think of right off the bat, that will stand the test of time are those Black Flag bars. Rop told me he is gonna get some Black Flag bars real soon, but instead of bars, it'll be chicken drumsticks- Rop always has the cool ideas that have to do with food.

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Peter said...

stop lying, nobody bashed that dude with a guitar. he was trying to tell you that the sound was not up to your usual standard, and your jerk ass guitarist started swinging and missing like an american league pitcher.

we'll see you soon.