Sunday, October 21, 2007

Golden Triangle + The Intelligence + S-S-S-S-Spectres + the rooftop party that never was


These are pix of the SSSSpectres and The Intelligence from our show at Hank's plus the bad ass evil poster that the SSSSpectres made for it. Violette from Plastique People zine and Ceci Moss took the pix of us. Look out for that zine- it's coming out soon. SSSSpectres unveiled a new member on keys and it sounded good. I actually always thought keys would sound good with their music. The Intelligence was awesome as well. I like their weird pop- they played tons of short songs that went straight to the point which I like. Lars is a real sweet guy. I forgot I had met him in New Orleans already at The Saint. He was there when I passed out, and everyone drew on my face. He said that one of his homies passed out once and they took off his shoes and socks and drew some Chucks on his feet which I think is funnier than the basic facial style. Lotsa folks showed up for this free show- Tom Dash was in the house, Skeleton Boy, Jack and Julie, Little Alix for a minute. Jack was saying how Hank's was the first place Black Lips ever played in New York not too long ago- well before Jack even joined the band, so I guess awhile ago. He says that Alberto from Wowsville was there and declared, "Dees iz da fyooo-ture!" (TRANSLATION OF ALBERTO'S SPANISH ACCENT: This is the future!) I guess this makes Alberto a muthafucking psychic- shit now I wanna take him to Vegas with me, plus I miss him and his store on 2nd Ave. After this we were supposed to play an unofficial Vice after-party organized by Lou. Rumors were swirling about this party all week- Atlas Sounds was gonna play...jello wrestling...fireworks...sponsored by Goya and United Way...It was a roof top late nighter with Turbo Fruits starting at midnight , then Pterodactyl, then ourselves and The Intelligence, but Zack called me from the party and said the cops just came and raided the party at 1AM just as they (Pterodactyl) were starting their 3rd song. I heard the roof top was huge and it was already jam packed by midnight- those damn po po's! Most of our friends were going to that show, so it kinda sucked. At the end of the night, we met an cool old Rasta dude selling home-made incense sticks out of his shopping cart- I forgot his name and I should have taken a picture, but if you're ever in that area, support that guy and buy some sticks. He's real cool, and he has stories to tell plus he's good to have around if you need to smoke.

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