Monday, September 24, 2007

Soul Clap Dance Contest


The DJ's for the Soul Clap Dance Contest held at Glasslands were Inspector Strawberry Sodapop and Jonathan New York Night Train. Zumi was the emcee hosting, and Marmaladies, Tha Pumpsta + Lacey, twins from Dragons of Zynth were some of the judges. I had to wear a wig and glasses and go incognito so I didn't scare all the competition away during signups + I signed in as Juicy Brown Jones. Shit I didn't even know there was 3 rounds otherwise I would've paced myself but I still slayed all the competition because when James Brown is playing I can pull magical moves out of my ass. The Encino Man and the Crazy Muslim gave me some stiff competition in the last round plus I was tired, but I pulled it out in the end. They even pulled me into their group hug when it was all over. I never like doing group hugs but that hippy and Muslim gave me some competition , so I obliged tonight.

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