Saturday, September 29, 2007

Useless Magazine Party @ Gavin Brown's Gallery/Passerby


Here's pictures from our show at Passerby/Gavin Brown's Gallery for Useless Magazine. These were taken by Nikola from Gawker and Mike Garten (from his Flickr). Occult filmmaker and good friend Micki Pellerano and crazy duo Mickey + Raul started off the show with a Voodoo Death Ritual complete with zombies and gore while we provided the evil soundtrack, then we did our thing. Joly from Punkcast filmed the whole thing, so stay tuned for that. We recorded the set on a 4 track and it'll be available soon as a cassette bootleg from Awesome Color Allison's Party Store. Party Store is also gonna have a Knyfe Hyts (a drunk version of Ex Models as Zack decribes themselves) cassette tape. Stay tuned

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