Monday, February 11, 2008

Golden Triangle + Knyfe Hyts tour


The tour had some amazing moments especially from our stop in New Orleans. Knyfe Hyts' "Enter the Dawn" 6AM set at MC Trachiotomy's house,was incredible, as was MC Trachiotomy's 7AM performance right after. Quintron's party at the Spellcaster was of course crazy. One late night we were craving Po boys and stopped at Hank's on St. Claude's. It's a late night corner store with food and bootleg movies. In fact, they have a top picks list (including "Who's Your Caddy?", "Butt Shake-off 2", and "She got way Mo Ass") compiled by the employees taped up on the counter. You can be like, "Yeah I'd like one fried oyster po' boy, a bag of neck bones, and copy of Butt Shake-Off 2, please", and your night is set. I wish they had Butt Shake-off Part 1 though cuz you know the sequels are never as good. Along the way we met up with a lot of amazing and sweet characters- Stephen, Bennett, Will, Hen and Jen, Jude, Tony Bones, Beth and Jess, Quintron, Brendan, Bradford, Moses, Adam and his girlfriend, JB and his comeback sauce, his cupcake wife... On our way though Baltimore which was our last stop on the way home we were pleasantly surprised by some New York buds Punk Rock Sean and Micki P. It's good to have your home town homies on the road with you. By the way Punk Rock Sean has a record coming out from his mysterious band, "Cult of Youth"- I hear his music is amazing so it behooves you to go get it. Also I actually stole that first picture - that one with Stephen coming out of that coffin box- from the Barbaras' site--- the Barbaras are a really good band he has with Bennett and Will, when he's not bass playing for Jay Reatard. I thought it was funny when he invited us into his room to watch a movie and it was Princess Diaries. I guess it was funny because I expected a crazy ass punk rocker dude like him to have Predator or some zombie movie on, or something like that.

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