Saturday, August 1, 2009

Death of Live Fast Die Party + free Colt 45


These are some pix from Live Fast Die's last show ever at Rock Star Bar. AK Faoro and Todd Fisher took these photos. It was a free show and they gave away free Colt 45 in small 4 oz. bottles. A couple days later , here's some pix at the Black Lips' free show at East River Park. Alix, Jay High, Vashti, and Po'Jay DJ'ed in between the bands - but the day ended when a crazy ass storm came out of nowhere and poured out lightning, rain, and hail forcing everyone to evacuate. At least Black Lips got to play- Jared got to walk on people's heads while he played bass and the crowd broke down the barrier and bumrushed the stage, so people had fun before the storm came- plus more importantly we had BBQ and beer all day.

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