Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Prehistoric Party


Lots of folks get involved with these Animal Train parties at Glasslands. These are just a few pix from the Prehistoric Party put together by New York Night Train, Special FX by Mighty Robot AV Squad, sets and props by Live With Animals, caveman tunes by Caveman Jonathan and Josh Styles, and Pterodactyl contributed a live set. The girls in the band did some prehistoric go go-go dancing as their alter ego, the Marmaladies. Micki P. did a performance with a special appearance by Tom from the Tulips, Rick Terquoi, Punk Rock Sean from Cult of Youth, and McNey. Also according to the pictures, it looks like the Inspector Strawberry Sodapop invented a new dance, but as of now it has no name yet.


jxnx said...

The cavewoman outfits are the most adorable thing ever. You ladies seriously dress to impress.

Jonny said...

^Agreed. Sexy as hell.
That said, what have you been up to lately? Post some new shit already!