Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Deerhunter + Knyfe Hyts + Golden Triangle + AIDS Wolf + Rings @ Market Hotel


Here's a few pix from our show at the Market Hotel with Deerhunter and Knyfe Hyts. It was rad seeing our soldiers, Nathan Whipple, Mikki, Raul, and Jack and Julie show up early for us and tear shit up on the dance floor as usual, rolling around and flinging flour at everyone- you know how they do. The Knyfe Hyts set was awesome as usual, but even got more awesome when our New Orleans bud, MC Trachiotomy, jumped onstage and did some emceeing over "Smoke the Milk." Deerhunter played their whole new album which sounded rad. The first 6 high quality pictures were shot by Drew Katchen, and I actually stole them from him and his site. Thanks for the heads up, Mookie, and thanks for stealing 'em for me. Anytime you see nice high quality pix here, you know I stole that stuff from someone else's website. My camera sucks and/or I am a bad photographer.

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